More About The Mu Online Server

The trend of online gamers has emerged as not only a hobby but also as a profession in various parts of the world. Japan is leading this trend by conducting national gaming events that allow a gamer to be famous and earn a living via gaming.

Mu online is a Medieval fantasy game that allows individual players to be parts of clans and play with/against other clans. It is recently looking to merge several servers like the Valhalla and Yggdrasil so as to create a bigger and more balanced environment for the players to enjoy. This game is an example of augmented reality where the reality is enhanced via the graphics that is used online in the game.

More about the server

With mu online server is an RPG Online gaming project GlobalMu is based on The IGC Server Suite server files which are a fully featured Emulator of MuOnline Server. The X50 server will be open in less than 4 days. Though the server location is in Canada the online platform is available globally and can support players from all over the world. The server contains 2 different style gaming worlds:

  • x500 Server which is a Medium Exp server. Moreover, after reset stats burns each player’s stat becomes 50 and they get 500 points free, which is multiplied after each reset!
  • x99999 Server where Max exp of 20PPL and 10ML PPL, with Kundun spot and Boxes in shops

The server connects the individual players across countries on the same online platform. The website shows the news of the players and clans every day, including the news of upcoming and ongoing events. The rankings of individual player can be seen from all over the world on the site. The game is operational cross devices where one can pay the game on a mobile phone and save screenshots as well. The rules and regulations of Global MU season 13 are available on the very top button. The mu online server helps to go cross-platform, as there are FB groups that exist for each group of player. Moreover, support emails provide support from the backend regarding any technical issues that the player faces. There is a trend of voting where a player can vote to win additional points and move up the global rank of the players. The mu online server helps merge the various servers to bring different player clans onto the same platform and create a shared community of gamers.