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In an article on World War I, Lenin once observed that “capitalist society is and always has been endless horror”. In discussing the initial development of capitalism in its classic, Capital, Marx affirmed that in the moment in which it imposes itself in History, “capital comes to the world dripping blood and dirt from head to toe, from every pore.” In the same book, Marx said that” Capital is dead work, which revives like a vampire, only by sucking up living labor and livelier the more it sucks. “In the same chapter, Marx compares the search for surplus value of the capitalists to a “werewolf hunger”.

Armed with the Marxist understanding of society and the knowledge of the enormous potential of a better world, these men have seen capitalism for what it was: a horror. The identification between ancient folklore and Victorian stories of vampires, werewolves and Black Man and the crimes, injustices and enormous waste of capitalism is not surprising, it is a sensation unconsciously shared by millions of people and reflected in popularity of the horror genre since the beginning of the history of cinema. For the movies online watching 123movies happens to be the best options now.

Whatever the intentions behind the production of these films, they have inevitably had the tendency to act as a mirror reflecting the anxieties and fears of the time they had fallen. The films that have involved most of the viewers are invariably those that seemed more familiar and easily recognizable, no matter how fanciful the story is. In this sense it is not a coincidence that it is possible to trace several moments of agony of capitalism in the last century within the most popular horror films.

The horror to end all the horrors

The very first movie houses already produced some horror films, but it was not until the aftermath of the First World War that the genre really had a public success. The First World War represented a historical turning point in the development of capitalism. Whereas capitalism had previously developed the means of production to an unimaginable level in a pre-capitalist society, by the end of the nineteenth century it had begun to reach its limits. The great imperialist powers had exhausted their national markets and desperately sought new markets to exploit. Great powers such as Britain and France had already largely divided the colonial world leaving German capitalism with little choice but to attack its continental neighbors. In 123Movies you will be able to witness all of them.